Find your true self, what you really want and take charge of your life to achieve your goals.

You’ll find a sense of purpose,

in your business, career or for yourself, using the power of your intuition to guide you. Intuition is that sense of knowing deep down what is right for you, and your most potent tool and guide. You can quickly go through life drifting from one thing to the next without ever genuinely feeling fulfilled, as though you’re searching for something that you can’t put your finger on. Finding your purpose should feel

like an epiphany!

You’ll have more clarity to make better decisions in your life. Clarity will allow you to see obstacles that may be hindering your transformation. It will help you make decisions aligned to your values and beliefs rather than tolerating compromise in situations, business or careers which you know haven’t been or aren’t right for you. I can honestly say that finding clarity and having confidence in your thinking and decision making will be a very freeing experience.

You’ll discover your creative side. If you’re a creative already, we can develop your creativity further for better gains. Or maybe you’d like to discover your unique creative side? Perhaps you feel that your creative hobby could be more than just that?  Or you simply think you’re not at your full creative potential. Being able to think creatively helps in many ways; from overcoming personal and professional problems and solving difficult situations to approaching things in entirely different ways to achieve better individual outcomes. Once you find your creativity and use it, you’ll be amazed by what you can do.

“And just like the water ripple effect,

each step out will bring you closer

to your purpose.”

You’re interested? Great!

Now let’s understand our roles.


The role you play in this journey is the most crucial part. How much depends on how badly you want to grow or develop. If you’re ready to take the steps, what you will put in to achieve your goals or ambitions?

I can’t tell you that I’ll find your purpose or give you fulfilment, that process is yours to manage and own. However, I know you already have the tools you need; we just need to discover them together.

My role is to guide, facilitate, and inspire; I’ll help you connect to your intuition and discover your creative skills; I’ll encourage you to recognise your tools and guide you in how to use them to move forward. I can also be your accountability partner along the way.

Achieving success in what you want or being where you want to be will require your commitment, openness and hard work. Most importantly, you will need to be honest with yourself. 

Will we be the right fit?

It’s essential our partnership works and we’re the right fit for each other.

Depending on what it is that you want to achieve, you will go through a significant process, personally or commercially, and our commitment will be substantial.



I AM 100% committed to you throughout our partnership. You’ll have my full attention and range of capabilities as a coach and creative to help you succeed.


I’m also keen to see how committed you are from our first discovery call, recognising you'll predominantly drive the process that we’ll work through. You have to walk the path and put the effort in, for it to work!

YOU ARE 100% committed to the process.

You’re ready for a change because the thought of being stuck in your life, career or business is no longer an option.


You’re excited to take your business to the next level or start your own business or career.


You’ll be keen to tear down walls and create new avenues with a healthier, more sound foundation. The magic only happens when you’re open to learn and progress!


So if, after our discovery session, I feel you are ready and committed, we’ll start the process and our partnership.

If the above resonates with you, let’s talk.


“It is not a lack of resources that block our road, but our lack of resourcefulness.”
- Tony Robbins



Everyone has the capacity for great creativity, and we'll work together to release yours by connecting to your intuition. Drawing on your creativity will enable and inspire you to overcome fears and become the better version of yourself.

It's this discovery process that motivates, inspires and fulfils me.

Why is connection important for me?

It's essential to understand why feeling connected to our intuition and therefore to ourselves is so important, and how this process acts as a guide allowing you to see your life's purpose more clearly. The process of connection invites us to be in the present moment, to recognise that to move forward from the status quo we need to innovate and use our intuition to seek and find a more meaningful and successful life.

Sometimes though it seems we disconnect

It can seem and feel as though we do, but genuinely it isn't true.  We are always 'on', connected to ourselves and everything and everyone around us. Often, we lose the awareness of this connection, and most importantly, our intuition.

  • Have you ever felt disconnected from your true self or life?
  • Do your emotions run riot and rule your actions?
  • Have you talked yourself out of things because of a fear of failure?
  • Ever feel stuck in a rut?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and helpless?
  • Is conflict with others a regular event?

Or perhaps you're disconnected to the present moment and ultimately what you want?

How to tell if you connect to your intuition

It's different for all of us. It could be you:

  • Know what's best for you and make your own decisions without letting others influence you
  • Are clear on what it is that you genuinely need
  • Value your needs to serve you and others better
  • Have a flexible mind-set 
  • Choose healthy behaviours 
  • Trust yourself and easily focus on the positive
  • Grow intellectually 
  • Grow spiritually
  • Have resources at your disposal so don't give up easily
  • Take responsibility for the outcomes you experience. You don't blame 'life' or others.
  • Can discern between rational and intuitive messages your brain sends you
  • Have felt the inexplicable feeling of assertiveness and confidence.

Do you identify with any or all the above? If you don't, you may not be listening to your intuition.

What is the relationship between intuition and creativity? 

We're all creative,

one way or another and we're born with intuition. When we tap into our unique creativity through our intuition, we suddenly have powerful tools that can truly help us achieve anything in life. 

Unlocking our creativity to guide us in the right direction, means we need to connect with our intuition. I believe intuition is the essence of who we are, and if we dilute this essence, we aren't true to ourselves. 

Imagine intuition as a fountain that's had its

tap turned off. We need to train ourselves to become aware of it again, to listen to and feel it. Once it's turned on or re-connected creativity flows freely, and you'll find you have tools and resources to create the real role you want to play in life and find the road towards your true purpose. 

The process of

re-connecting to our intuition means we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Because to listen to and feel your intuition after a period of disconnection will involve dealing with things you may not want to.

Re-connection requires bravery, trust in our strengths, connecting to our body and heart and more importantly being kind to ourselves.

You might think that you're already creative; but if what you've read has resonated with you in any way, then you may not be fully connected to your intuition or your full creative capacity. You're probably just skipping around the edges of what's possible. 

So, are you ready to create your new you?