I offer coaching by Skype, Zoom or over the phone, anywhere in the world in either English, Spanish or French.

Initial free DISCOVERY CALL session: 45 mins.

If you want results view the available packages below.

We’ll explore how to ‘create’ the real role you want to play in life. We'll find and use your unique creativity and intuition to understand who you are, be accepting and

comfortable with this and in the process let go of external expectations

of who you’re supposed to be or what you're supposed to do.


Creativity and being able to think creatively plays an essential part in our lives.

It can help define the direction we go in life, position us to be open and ready for opportunities and using our intuition, make the right decisions. And everyone can use

their own creative potential, even you.

Do you:

  • Want to find your purpose?
  • Seek a move into the creative industry?
  • Want to discover a new creative hobby in your free time?
  • Need to find a way to make a creative hobby or side hustle profitable and successful?
  • Feel your creative hobby has business potential and connects to your purpose?
  • Fear people’s judgement of your choices so don’t pursue them?

3 sessions

  • 45 free discovery call

6 sessions

  • 45 free discovery call
  • one 15 mins check-up call

12 sessions

  • 45 free discovery call
  • Two 15 mins check-up calls


Finding the right career or vocation is essential. Being happy and fulfilled is more important.

You spend most of your time working and to be unhappy or unfulfilled is such an awful shame and waste of your talent. What might have been the best role for you might not be right

for you now, and perhaps just pays the bills?

Being aware of what you want, brave enough to go for it, is where I can help.

You may:

  • Be at a career crossroad
  • Want to change career or move into a new industry
  • Have become stuck in an unhappy job and feel unable to find your ideal career/purpose.
  • Seek more from your career but don’t know what your skills and potential are.
  • Be happy in your career but want to give back or do something that has significance or impact, i.e. volunteering. Why not use your ‘new career’ to feed your soul?
  • Feel your career idea is unrealistic or even impossible.

3 sessions

  • 45 free discovery call

6 sessions

  • 45 free discovery call
  • one 15 mins check-up call

12 sessions

  • 45 free discovery call
  • Two 15 mins check-up calls


What’s holding your business back? Lack of brand penetration, the competition, an inability

to respond to market changes quick enough, COVID-19? Running a business and being one step ahead takes effort and commitment, and as much as you throw yourself, and money into it,

you may feel like you’re just treading water.

Do you:

  • Need to adapt due to COVID-19?
  • Have no clarity on “WHY” you do what you do in your business?
  • Struggle to either grow or know how to grow your business?
  • Lack a clear idea of your brand’s image and how to market it?
  • Know who your real customer is and how to find them?
  • Want a new art direction for your brand?
  • Need to increase sales?
  • Need to improve time management?
  • Want to know how to stay true to your artistic vision?
  • Want to create healthier habits within the company to increase productivity?
  • Fear failure?
  • Enjoy your business or has it become a stressful burden?

The package will be tailored to each business type, need and request.

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I would love to hear more about you!

    If any of the above apply to you, I can help.

    I have 20 years experience in the creative industry as an art director, designer, brand consultant

    and along with my coaching skills, I will help bring clarity to your challenges and find

    the right path forward to success.

    Contact me to find out more about the packages I offer.

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