Innovation | Alignment | Sustainable-Being

For small to medium creative businesses and professionals, especially in the fashion industry wanting to be ahead of the curve in a sustainable way!

A sustainable world starts with a more sustainable BEING.

I look forward to learning more about your

exciting business.


Coaching / Workshops / Talks / Mindfulness Events

Leadership Coaching

Coaching for a more human and integral generation

of leaders

Creative Thinking

Developing a creative mindset means flexibility and a resourceful attitude.

Team Building

Strong teams flourish in a safe place and thrive with mutual support and empathy.

Intuitive performance 

 Is about Intuitive listening, better decision-making, and healthier inner and outer connections.

 Sustainable Innovation

Innovation to navigate the rapidly changing environment in a more conscious way.

Company Alignment

Alignment of purpose, vision, and values to create a more sustainable practice that will protect our future.

"The pessimist complains about the wind,

the optimist expects it to change,

the leader adjusts the sails!"

-John Maxwell


By embracing sustainable change management and innovation, and cultivating authentic leadership, businesses can consistently grow, evolve, and differentiate themselves in the market.


  • Efficiency and cost savings on systems and processes

  • Workflow

  • Change management

  • Competitive advantage
  • Alignment of values

  • A common purpose

  • An exciting vision

  • Engagementand collaboration

  • Better decision-making


Alignment assures a clear direction with improved collaboration. It paves the road for intuitive innovation, adaptability, agility and more effective decision-making.


Sustainable-Being is the term I use for well-being, as it invites a more realistic and human approach to how we relate to ourselves, our peers and our work.

I believe a successful sustainable planet starts with us as sustainable beings.

  • Personal energy management

  • Innovative relationships with the self, others and work
  • Mastering mindfulness
  • Skills assessment
  • Sustainable work/life flow

I look forward to working together!



Helena has an incredible and rare quality to inspire and catalyze creative ideas in myself and others which can often lead to those "aha" moments which can lead to life changing events.

She often has given positive encouragement for developing one's own creative thinking and connection. And at times, Helena has gone deeper and gently challenged my own creative ideas to test reveal any potential limiting beliefs so that I can expand and grow even further.

In my experience, Helena's skills and talents in inspiring creative ideas, along with a broad foundation of coaching skills and psychology enable her to help transform anyone who has the desire to grow, transform and better connect with your inner flow. Would definitely recommend."

Rory McCulloch

Operations productivity manager at NatWest / Scotland


"Helena’s natural sensitivity really gets to the heart of issues. In our first discovery call, she had me seriously thinking about my assumptions and hesitancy in materializing leads. Her insight resonates quickly and is complemented by direct, practical coaching that inspires action. She helped me create my opportunities, discerning strategic ideas that are tailored to my values and creative talents.

I got real value for my business and left with a strategy of concrete steps and future actions. I have a renewed vigour to learn and grow, little by little. If you’re feeling "held back", get in touch with Helena and I am confident that she will be able to help you."

Katy Mawhood

Founder & designer of / UK