Are you:

Keen to find your creative side?

Unsure if your hobby could be more than just that

and want to explore the possibilities?

Using your intuition as a guide to

discover the tools you already have available,

I will help you find or develop your creative

side to achieve what you want.


Are you:

changing careers or want

to move into the creative industry?

Looking for clarity to help you choose a career?

Unsure if what you've chosen

is right for you?

I can help you get clarity and connect

with your right path to achieve

 what you really want.


Are you:

Working hard on your business and

unimpressed with the lack of growth?

Worried clients aren't connecting with your

brand image?

Thinking about starting your

own creative business?

I coach businesses

 in the fashion and creative industry,

 helping them achieve their goals for a

more successful and rewarding business



Unlock the potential within, find freedom and inspiration and connect to your intuition

to find the right path for you, your business or career.


To INSPIRE significant self-transformation

and build confidence to achieve

success and fulfilment.


By using your INTUITION

and unlocking your unique creative potential!


I began working with Helena during one of the most challenging episodes I had ever experienced at work. We initially focused on identifying strategies to improve work and the work environment. Over time, this shifted to looking at other areas of my life. Helena is an excellent listener, linking patterns in different issues we discussed. She offers a balance of both practical guidance with endless support and encouragement.

Working with Helena has helped me to make connections to patterns and preferences, and to understand the reasons behind some of them. Through this process, she has enabled me to move from believing some aspects of myself are simply part of who I am, to understanding that they were part of certain aspects of history. That realisation has meant I am able to move towards making positive changes.

In my experience working with Helena I have found her to be not only an excellent coach, but also someone who seeks to constantly improve herself and her skills, which would ultimately benefit her clients. I feel very fortunate to have encountered her.

Academic researcher  /

Flash coaching / 2 hours session

I had the pleasure of being in receipt of a coaching session from Helena and together we embarked on looking at my "inner child".

Helena's gentle and caring nature encouraged me to open up and I was able to see how much behavior patterns at a less than conscious level were impacting negatively in my life. I was able to see unhealthy emotions and see their source and Helena talked me through an exercise that allowed me to see my situation differently and in turn, I felt my emotions change. Inner child work is very powerful and a would definitely recommend Helena to safely guide you. I left feeling insightful, more at peace and confident I could achieve my goals without self-sabotage

Carole Morrison

Life Coach / Scotland

Flash coaching / 2 hours session

After the coaching session with Helena, I had so much clarity on what I want to do as a coach. I also felt lots of confidence in myself and had already started to take actions on my goals

Sujit Gogoi

Life Coach / India

I have been coached by Helena in group settings. Helena provided so much compassion, warmth and

a safe space to catch my breath in the heat of the moment of being challenged by other coaches

to look into my blindspots what

was quite intense. Helena is so real and at the same time listens to the feelings of her clients and keeps an eye on your sensations and well being. Empathy, care, creativity

and a warm unconditional acceptance is what I have gotten from Helena ever since the first time we met. Next to having coached me, I have worked with Helena many times on Workshops and at the hub of MindFreeks and

it is just delightful, smooth and

with absolute ease and positivity

to work with Helena.

Stefania Alba-Nova
Life Coach / Netherlands

Flash coaching / 2 hours session

"I've had only one coaching session with Helena, but the guidance she offered me was very helpful. I've gained the clarity I was looking for and it was exactly what I needed

to finally take action towards my goals. She was connected to me the entire session and knew exactly what to ask me or what to bring to my attention. I'm really grateful for what we explored in that session!"

Nicoleta Dan

Life Coach / Poland

Flash coaching / 2 hours session

"Helena’s natural sensitivity really gets to the heart of issues. In our first discovery call, she had me seriously thinking about my assumptions and hesitancy in materializing leads. Her insight resonates quickly and is complemented by direct, practical coaching that inspires action. She helped me create my opportunities, discerning strategic ideas that are tailored to my values and creative talents.

I got real value for my business and left with a strategy of concrete steps and future actions. I have a renewed vigour to learn and grow, little by little. If you’re feeling "held back", get in touch with Helena and I am confident that she will be able to help you."

Katy Mawhood

Founder & designer of / UK

Success story Alba Aragón


I had the chance to find Helena in April, during my lockdown in Barcelona.

I was going through uncertain times (like most of the people) but my mess was already in my head

some months ago.  

At that moment, I had a full time job and my life was very oriented to a lifestyle that apparently was good and in the end it made me feel unhappy.

I had very clear what I didn't want to be but I was very disoriented with regards to what I wanted to be. Helena gave me some tools to identify my values and I realised that most of the things in my daily life didn't match my values. Little by little I understood that the only way was leaving my negative thinking and fears behind and making a change. 

In terms of methodology, I would highlight that Helena has a great ability with creative people as she perceived from the start that I was a creative person and she helped me to develop my creativity to solve problems and crossroads that showed up throughout these months.

Needless to say that she also helped me out to pursue a creative career as it's something very important

in my work life. 

5 months later, I am venturing out

to be a freelancer and I already have

2 projects on going. I am very happy with the decision and I honestly believe that Helena was a positive influence

for me in taking this decision. She never told me what I should do but she helped me to find the answers inside of me. I highly recommend to count on her whenever you feel

confused and disoriented."

Alba Aragón
Entrepenerur / Spain

Working with Helena helped me gain a lot of clarity on my path.

We have been working for few months now but I am able to recognize repetitive patterns and address them. My goal with her is to become independent mentally and physically and was able to identify the barriers that kept me captive. She is very patient, real and caring.

I would love to carry her in my purse wherever I go but that would be against my goal of independence"

Sally Hamid
Actress / USA