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A   B U S I N E S S   P R O G R A M

Coaching Program

1-to-1 Leadership Coaching

for business owners

ready to fearlessly INNOVATE their way up

and be ahead of the curve in a


I look forward to learning more about you

and your exciting business.


  • Future Uncertainty Paralysis
    Leadership Foresight: Fostering a culture of resilience, agility and flexibility that prepares them for future changes.

  • Costly communication issues
    Emotional Intelligence Coaching: Listening skills mastery plus EQ awareness to manage personal and others' stress and emotions.

  • System Inefficiency
    Sustainable Optimization: Implementing new macro and micro sustainable systems to remain competitive and reduce costs.

  • Missed Opportunities
    Innovation: Transforming challenges into opportunities whilst remaining aligned with its values and vision.

  • Employee Fatigue
    Well-being Coaching: Boosting engagement and productivity whilst maintaining a sustainable work-life balance.

  • Reactive Setbacks
    Conscious response: Reduce the psychological impact that affects how to respond effectively vs reactive action that creates daily fire delays.


Transcending Fear

To drive long-term and sustainable changes, we must dig deep into the core and recognize that hidden fears are at the root of most behaviours, decisions and actions causing a negative impact on the culture and outcome.


Innovation & creative thinking

are the keys to transforming challenges into opportunities

and to foster an adaptable

and resourceful attitude to thriving

in a world of constant change

and unpredictability.


Having clear Internal sustainable systems for both individuals and the collective is essential for its agility, long-term success, and a more conscious and assertive work dynamic.

Leadership & Team Coaching

Strong Leaders help teams flourish in a safe place and thrive with mutual support, responsibility & empathy from each other &

from more effective & soulful human leaders.

Intuitive performance 

Is about embodying your highest potential. Cultivating Intuitive listening, emotional mastery, and assertive communication, to improve decision-making, productivity and the use of

your energy sustainably

for top performance

Company Alignment

Alignment of purpose, vision, and values to create a more sustainable practice creating a bigger impact internally

and in the world.

"The pessimist complains about the wind,

the optimist expects it to change,

the leader adjusts the sails!"

-John Maxwell



Inner-sustainability, both at the individual and organizational levels, plays a vital role in shaping the overall efficiency and global impact of a company.

While environmental sustainability is crucial, I firmly believe that true sustainability begins with individuals. Without this foundation, any broader-scale systems we introduce tend to provide temporary solutions rather than ingrained, consistently practised habits.

That's why my primary focus is on nurturing sustainability at the individual level. When sustainability becomes a part of each person's systems, and core behaviours then their actions would naturally extend to a larger scale, resulting in lasting and meaningful change, improvement and growth for the company.

There are many other services that offer changes for your company, but do they last?

My focus on survival mechanisms and sustainable systems ensures change from the core, often resulting in quicker outcomes, but most importantly, long-lasting efficacy and sustainability over time.

Just as the quality of a tree's roots determines its growth, the same principle applies to individuals and companies.

Behind every insidious survival behaviour, FEAR is at the core root and it serves as the underlying cause for humans and companies to ultimately hinder their ability to thrive and reach their full potential over time.

My work is about identifying invisible survival behaviours and shifting them into more mindful sustainable actions through innovation and intuitive flow!

"A more sustainable world starts with a more SUSTAINABLE BEING"



Intuitive performance is the ultimate desired result for each individual wanting to sustainably optimize their potential

and positively impact others within

a company.

Is about a new more conscious high performance whilst still maintaining efficacy, productivity and assertiveness to become a powerful leader, mindful of others including themselves!

Old ways of toxic leadership and micromanaging work dynamics are no longer valid or effective for our current and coming generations.

It's time to innovate and embrace a future built on conscious ethics and sustainable work environments. And this transformation starts from within, as each individual upgrades themselves from survival-mode toxicity needing to control everyone and everything to becoming a more adaptable, self-aware, sustainable being.

Discover what the intuitive performance service has to offer, designed to uplift your company and position you as a leading example in the market for generations to come.

Together, let's unlock the true power of conscious working and revolutionize the way we work, live, and thrive!


are not interchangeable!

The first one is FEAR base which often damages a company's culture,

creative drive and adaptability.

The second one is ORGANIC,

leaving room for innovation and different opportunities whilst promoting growth with

a flexible mind-set.



Helena has an incredible and rare quality to inspire and catalyze creative ideas in myself and others which can often lead to those "aha" moments which can lead to life changing events.

She often has given positive encouragement for developing one's own creative thinking and connection. And at times, Helena has gone deeper and gently challenged my own creative ideas to test reveal any potential limiting beliefs so that I can expand and grow even further.

In my experience, Helena's skills and talents in inspiring creative ideas, along with a broad foundation of coaching skills and psychology enable her to help transform anyone who has the desire to grow, transform and better connect with your inner flow. Would definitely recommend."

Rory M.

Operations productivity manager at NatWest / Scotland


"Helena’s natural sensitivity really gets to the heart of issues. In our first discovery call, she had me seriously thinking about my assumptions and hesitancy in materializing leads. Her insight resonates quickly and is complemented by direct, practical coaching that inspires action. She helped me create my opportunities, discerning strategic ideas that are tailored to my values and creative talents.

I got real value for my business and left with a strategy of concrete steps and future actions. I have a renewed vigour to learn and grow, little by little. If you’re feeling "held back", get in touch with Helena and I am confident that she will be able to help you."

Katy M.

Founder & designer of / UK

I look forward to working together!