"Powerful Intuitive coaching to find your TRUTH"


6 Sessions / tailored around your situation

1-on-1 coaching

Coaching exploration and liberation of the patterns that are on the way to your success. Discover your TRUTH with the power of your inner compass to guide you through life, work, career or on your spiritual journey.


ACT, and Mindfulness.

Coaching on all levels of your human experience, the Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

*I am not a physician of any kind, the physical level is about establishing a better connection with yourself and your body

$ 815 USD

This package is for you if you want coaching around a particular topic, or situation that you are currently struggling with. This can be

at work or in life.

It is also for you if you are experiencing...

"I often struggle with decision paralysis"


"I lost my confidence and keep second guessing myself!


I can't stop doing "people pleasing" so

I feel I don't have authentic connections.

"I feel lost in life"


"I keep having the same undesirable situations and people over

and over!


I feel guilty if I don't work extra even if I feel close to burnout!

"I don't know what

I want for myself"


"I struggle being authentic and I find it affects my relashionships"


I don't like my job but I donlt know what else to do!

Congratulations on being here!

If you are ready to make a commitment to yourself, and you are ready to discover the beautiful being

that you are plus the infinite possibilities

that are available for you, then

this coaching is for you!

Don't settle for less, there is more available than

what your perception allows you to see!

What to expect from these sessions...

  • Expect a safe and loving space where you can express yourself fully!

  • A space where our imperfections (me included) are celebrated and embraced! In other words, embracing your human being.

  • Expect a more honest and deeper connection with your heart, body and soul.

  • I will sometimes challenge you, as an invitation to explore perspectives outside of
    the current view you have about yourself and the world.

  • Access DEEPER self-awareness for a more impactful and honest living!

  • Feel empowered about yourself and your capabilities to deal with your situation!

  • Explore how your intuition is helping you.