I work as s catalyst for creative potential, infinite possibilities, & successful solutions for business

and life.

Your journey doesn’t have to be a lonely one,

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A few years ago, I met a woman at a fashion course we were both attending in Paris. She shared a story of how she'd spent many years as a salesperson, unhappy in her role knowing she wanted to do something else. She wanted to find her passion, and with the help of a coach, she finally did. Since the course, I have seen her progress to become a professional clothes technician for some of the biggest luxury French fashion labels. 

This success story really struck a chord with me, and I became very curious to understand how a coach had helped this woman make such an amazing transformation. And not just in her career choice because having seen the change happen, I can see the fulfilment and purpose she now feels that she didn’t before. I was deeply inspired by her and the role of a coach.

My growth and knowing that I feel more fulfilled when I use my creativity to express myself has given me a sense of purpose; to inspire others as I have been before.

How often have you longed to be in a role or career that you know would make your heart sing, but haven’t been sure how to achieve it? As though something is hindering you?

With my experience and qualifications as a life coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, and my knowledge of the creative industry, we’ll explore how to ‘create’ the real role you want to play in life. 

Together we’ll work to find and use your unique potential to understand who you want to be and let go of external expectations of who you’re supposed

to be.

"Walk through the process of personal growth and self-acceptance and you'll find

peace and fulfilment"
- Helena Carrizosa


I’ve more than 20 years’ experience in the fashion industry in roles ranging from designer and art director to creative problem solver and brand image consultant.

A few years ago, I created a slow fashion label (called Helena Carrizosa) to break the fashion industry and create timeless, more sustainable pieces. ‘Circle Project-O’, a zero-waste project, was borne out of this and used waste from my collections, and that of other designers, to create art and decorative pieces. Its primary purpose was to make waste desirable again.

Throughout all my years working in different companies, I’ve seen consultants come and go without making any real change or impact on the brands. This lack of effect is why I am interested in coaching businesses as well as individuals.

I believe coaching is a very powerful tool that can bring long-term and consistent growth for companies and individuals alike in their careers and life.

"One of my goals is to help people feel

inspired and take action"

I help people find and use their own unique creativity to understand and be who

they really are, to get where they want to be and create and own their journey.

I want people to feel inspired by themselves and their achievements.

I want to help them see what's stopping them transform

and how to overcome the blockers through

self-awareness and acceptance.

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"Finding my connection again with nature

  has been one of the most important

moments of my life as it helped me

better connect with myself"